Welcome to Diabetes Foot Pain Relief.com

We know your time is valuable. We understand that if you are visiting this website, chances are that you are in pain. Or may be you are concerned about your own or your loved one’s medical condition- diabetes and its potential serious effects on our feet. We want to provide you with the highest quality information about everything related to diabetic foot pain, diabetic neuropathy and nerve pain, and other causes of foot pain. There is a great deal of information about these diabetes topics on the internet, but it is either incomplete, inaccurate, difficult to understand or just scattered over various different websites. We wanted to create a website which would be a ‘one stop resource’ for all topics related to effects of diabetes on the feet. Notice the larger than usual font used on this website? We specifically have a larger font on this website to make it easier for people with diabetic retinopathy and other eye issues to be able to read the content. We are very excited about being able to provide this service, and hope you will find it very useful to understand, prevent or treat these complications from diabetes.

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